The Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish

The bottles of nail polish that you see lying around within your household or beauty centers come bearing a dirty secret most of the time. What we mean is that most of them, if not all, contain lots of chemicals that can pose a health hazard to your health. It can have a very strong smell and often leaving us wondering about the cause and whether it is supposed to be that way. There are a few nail polish options that are not toxic. They are the best option for you if you really care about your nails and it is really worth a try.Common Toxic Substances in Regular Nail PolishThere are some issues that regular nail polish has. It is because of the toxic substances they contain, giving you more reasons to try non-toxic ones. They include 3 chemicals: 1. Toluene, which is a chemical that can cause central nervous system issues and problems in the reproductive area as well as dizziness. It is a chemical present in gasoline.2. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen used in the preservation of the dead and lab preparations. This chemical shouldn’t be inhaled or come in contact with skin3. Dibutyl phthalate DBP is a chemical banned in Europe as it causes organ issues, reproductive issues and can disrupt the endocrine system.The other healthy optionNow that we know about the bad effects of toxic varieties, it is time to choose healthy ones. The fact that there is an option in natural nail polish should really give us hope as we can take care of our beauty needs without causing ourselves any harm.There are amazing choices that don’t have the above toxic ingredients and they include:В· Mineral fusions: This one is long lasting and a chip resistant polish that is free of the bad chemicals. It is available in over 60 shades and the thick brush makes application easy.В· Sheswai is another natural brand. Instead of a plastic cap, wood that is sustainably harvested is used and some of the proceeds go to the World Wildlife Foundation.В· ZOYA is another great choice without the toxins. It also doesn’t have formaldehyde resin or camphor. The shades are many and it lasts long.В· Color Club is a vegan nail polish and it isn’t tested on animals. It doesn’t have toxins. В· Julep by Jane Parks is yet another amazing brand. It dries fast and has vibrant colors. It comes with a very professional brush and some of the proceeds go to organizations empowering women.В· Scotch Naturals offers amazing colors and doesn’t have chemicals.В· Keeki is a 100% biodegradable, gluten free and vegan polish variety.В· SunCoat is yet another amazing option that has a twist. It can peel off meaning that you will not have to use nail polish remover. It doesn’t last as long as the others though.Water based nail polish brands are more than what have been listed above. Always make a careful selection as your nails always deserve the best there is.

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