How to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Food cravings are an inevitable for us to experience. It usually occurs when a woman is having premenstrual syndrome or when you just think of the food because of boredom. But if you want to speed up the improvement of reducing weight, you should look for an alternative to suppress yourself from indulging with the food that may be hinder you from your intent of losing weight. There are some foods that you can eat in large amounts though but you still need to check the nutrients of the food you want to eat. There are three quick tips on how to suppress yourself from your food cravings so that you can lose weight faster, and thats exercise, sip a cup of tea and journal. Lets tackle each step specifically. Weight loss will not be complete without exercise. An individual may opt out to it because insufferable activities but there are actually light exercise that anyone can endure. Its the first approach to stop your food cravings and stop you from being awry. It gets you back to your focus and if executed well, will improve not just your weight loss goal but also your stamina. Exercise enhances the blood flow of the physique thus reducing your food cravings and a possibility of calming down your appetite. By releasing the happy hormones or basically known as the feel-good hormones, this will be the most natural way of fighting with food cravings and improving the physiques ability to burn fats. Second is tea. During exercise, your physique breaks the fats and coverts it to energy which is used as fuel to keep you going from your workout. The physique loses a great number of fluids in that way. The more hardcore your workout is, the more liquids you sweat out. In this case, you need a beverage to replenish the lost fluids and rejuvenate your system from working out. A great cup of tea will have that job. Despite of replenishing your physique because of its liquid form, it also gives health benefits to it. The thought of sipping tea is like sipping your vitamins that boosts your immune system.Green tea or any herbal teas protects the physique from diseases and it doesnt have calories at all. And since the ultimate goal of weight loss is to minimize the intake of calories, this is the best beverage you can have. After consuming the tea, you will notice that the food cravings that you want to avert is already gone. In this way, you didnt just help yourself from stopping the unwanted cravings, you also protected the health of your physique and rehydrated it. Its like having a complete coffee mix with creamer and sugar (three benefits in one packet). Dehydration also triggers the cravings to set in, so that dealt with it as well. Women are fond of making journals whether its a diary, budget list or just mere jotting down of things. They are more inclined to stationeries rather than men. If you try to check on a teenage girls bag, you will always see a diary. You may even laugh at how they think in that age. Or if not, you can check a womans purse and see if theres a budget list in it or a grocery list. Thats explains why most women compared to men have good penmanship and a clear one for that. Third tip for you to lose weight fast is a journal. It just works like diary, you can jot down how you feel or your ideas of things. This method can help you track down what caused you to crave food. Writing down how you feel and what you think will make you see your standing. You will soon realize whats going on and you will see it as clear as a mirror. Oftentimes, women tend to lean on foods for comfort. You will know that a woman is depressed when she eats a lot of sweets such as cakes, chocolates and some beverages. Though it may produce happy hormones to a woman, it can also produce fat which will later on be a depressing thing again. A good alternative for chocolates when a woman is depressed is bananas. Only few people know but bananas also produce happy hormones to a physique. Dont compare yourself with a monkey, though. Through journal, you will also keep track on your improvement. It may be intangible in your physique. But you can still see your improvement if you weight yourself and jot it down. Losing weight will be easy by stopping your craving from food. And these three steps which are exercise, tea and journal will make it easier for you. So, stop thinking about other things now. Author’s Bio: Mk Sam is a freelance writer/editor and owner of an editorial services business and has co-authored numerous articles on editorial history. ( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { ‘units’ : [] }, }, var unit = {‘calltype’:’async[2]’,’publisher’:’selfgrowth’,’width’:300,’height’:250,’sid’:’Chitika Default’}, var placement_id = window.CHITIKA.units.length, window.CHITIKA.units.push(unit), }()),

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