Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Procedures

Looking good boosts your self-esteem and plastic surgery can help you ward off the ravages of time. For instance, more and more women are going in for breast augmentation to enhance their looks. Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic procedures is necessary for a successful and healthy outcome, but it can be sometimes be a daunting experience. Going by the following tips can help you with your decision. Evaluate Objective and Subjective Criteria When Choosing Your Surgeon You have to consider both objective and subjective criteria to evaluate a plastic surgeon. You may have to consult a few surgeons before you make your decision. Referral: The selection process should begin with a referral by a friend, family doctor or a person who had a cosmetic procedure performed. Credentials: Once you choose a surgeon, check out his credentials. Make sure you consult a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many established surgeons would also be members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other accredited boards in their respective states. Initial consultation: Your initial consultation is when you can subjectively evaluate the doctor and surgical center staff. Things to consider: – Are you comfortable with the doctor and does he communicate well? Is he ready to answer all your queries? – Does he have sufficient experience in performing the cosmetic surgery you are interested in? – Is he ready to show you examples of his work? Request to see before and after pictures of a surgery with average results, and not exaggerated, showcase ones. You should look for qualities such as technical aptitude, dexterity and a high degree of precision. -Can he refer you to a former patient? – Is he agreeable to a second consultation in case you have further queries? – Is the centers staff polite and friendly? Its also important that your plastic surgeon has specific goals and gives you realistic expectations about the outcome of your surgery. Do not choose a surgeon who tries to rush you into anything. And finally, ensure that he can guide you through the recovery process. Evaluate the Surgical Facility The facility where you have your surgery is as important as the surgeon himself. The surgery center should be AAAASF-certified. This ensures maximum patient safety. The facility of an established surgeon would be meticulously clean and equipped with the latest technology. Ensure that the staff is caring and responsive to your needs. Evaluating your experience at each stage, from the initial consultation to the pre-op evaluation can help you in choosing the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic procedures. Author’s Bio: Dr. Sean Boutros offers personalized plans for great results for cosmetic procedures at his AAAASF-certified Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Center in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit ( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { ‘units’ : [] }, }, var unit = {‘calltype’:’async[2]’,’publisher’:’selfgrowth’,’width’:300,’height’:250,’sid’:’Chitika Default’}, var placement_id = window.CHITIKA.units.length, window.CHITIKA.units.push(unit), }()),

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